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Preventive and Interceptive Dentistry

Dental problems, if not all, some of them can be prevented if addressed early. The preventive & interceptive dentistry mainly addresses to children below 15 years of age. Around 6 years the milk teeth exfoliates and permanent teeth starts erupting. This happens for the next 6 years and slowly all permanent teeth occupies its final position. This stage for a child is very important to ensure proper teething without cavities and also proper alignment of the teeth and jaws. There is enormous scope for preventive and Interceptive dentistry during this period as growth of a child can be taken advantage to correct teeth and jaw positions. Dental specialists at Rela Institute & Medical Centre are experienced enough to identify such problems in your children and manage them accordingly. Some of the procedures would be..

  • Fluoride application and pit & fissure sealant to prevent dental cavities.
  • Various oral devices like habit breaking appliances and orthopedic devices to intercept and prevent teeth and jaw malalignment.
  • Space Maintainers are oral appliances worn by kids when their milk teeth are removed due to extensive cavity, in order to maintain the milk tooth’s space so that its succedaneous permanent tooth will erupt into that space.

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