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Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric dentistry deals with oral health of infants, children and adolescents. At Rela Institute & Medical Centre, our paediatric specialists offer treatment like..

  • Fluoride application & Pit and fissure sealants- applied topically on the tooth surfaces to fight off dental cavities
  • Pulpectomy and Pulpotomy- Deep cleaning of large dental cavities in milk teeth. It is similar to the root canal treatment of a permanent tooth
  • Stainless steel and strip crowns- These crowns are given after the milk teeth are treated by pulpectomy and pulpotomy procedures. Stainless steel crowns are metal crowns given for back teeth and strip crowns are aesthetically pleasing, given for the front teeth.
  • Habit breaking appliances- children who have the habit of thumb or digit sucking, mouth breathing may develop bunny like teeth. These habits can be stopped by these habit breaking appliances which are fixed into the mouth for a short time period till the child forgets the habit.

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