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The Clinical Laboratory Services at Dr Rela Institute & Medical Centre is one of the largest in Chennai and is housed on two floors with over 10000SqFt. The lab services offered by Dr Rela Institute includes Histopathology, Cytopathology, Microbiology, Serology, Clinical chemistry, Hematology, Transplant immunology and advanced Molecular diagnostics. We are providing round the clock(24x7) comprehensive support for patient diagnosis which is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and state of the art diagnostic equipment’s for rapid, accurate and precise lab reports as per international standard. Our specialized doctors work with different specialties like Liver Transplant, BMT, Gastroenterology, Paediatrics, Oncology, Neurosurgery, Urology and Nephrology. We are also involved in research and publish in peer-reviewed journals.

How we are better than others

Our Clinical Laboratory Services provides the treating physicians with the most comprehensive laboratory in-house testing menu available with appropriate interpretation/advisory services and functioning as a reference clinical laboratory.

We are providing unique diagnostic services to the patients and physician with rapid turnaround time, immediate critical alert reporting as per international standard, for inpatient & outpatient services with utmost customer service.

We are ensuring the quality of results by practising internationally recommended Internal Quality control and participating in External Quality Control conducted by national and international forums.

Infrastructure & Technology

Infrastructure & Technology

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