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Redo Sternotomy/Redo Cardiac & Thoracic Procedures

If a patient has to undergo the same procedure after few years of the surgery, then it is termed as “Redo” of the same procedure.

Redo Sternotomies or Redo Cardiac & Thoracic Procedures require an excellent medical expertise and experience. It is referred after carefully assessing the patient’s condition, diagnosis and involves advanced medical tools.

Redo Valve Surgery is done in the case of blocked grafts, failed valve repair, progressive valvular lesion, prosthetic valve dysfunction, valve thrombosis, prosthetic valve endocarditis.

Pediatric patients too undergo Redo Cardiac procedures, mostly owing to staged procedures. It means, the patient may have to undergo certain surgeries with the age, for the better functioning of the heart. It is also done in case of failed procedure earlier.

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