Heart, the vital muscular organ in the human body is what defines our overall wellbeing. If you are heart healthy, it means your body’s physiology is functioning at its optimal level, aiding other organs, and is in fact striking a perfect balance between the physical and mental wellbeing too.

Heart is not just an organ that pumps oxygen rich blood through the body but is also undeniably an epicentre of your emotions, which often defines your mood, temperament and bears the brunt of stress. Unfortunately, many young lives are succumbing to heart-related ailments owing to various factors and it means that this crucial organ needs that extra special care and attention, in these fast-paced lives.

Cardiology, a major branch in the study of medicine deals with the diagnosis and prevention of various cardiac conditions. Precise diagnosis backed by the expert doctors; state-of-the-art facilities play an imperative role in saving a life – as each second counts. The Department of Cardiology at Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Care functions as a Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Sciences is one such incredible health facility backed by internationally acclaimed cardiologists, super trained support staff offering best practices in non-invasive and interventional procedures, along with round-the-clock comprehensive emergency services.

We believe that the medical needs of every patient are different and would require tailor-made treatment plans for a complete recovery. The ‘Heart Team Approach’ followed by our experts ensures collective decision by the team for an overall care.

The Department of Cardiology at Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Care offers a wide range of invasive and non-invasive both for diagnostics and intervention purposes. Read on to know more about our services.

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