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Coil Closure Of PDA/Mapcas

Patent Ductus Arteriosus or PDA is a medical condition in which ductus arteriosus or ductus botalli, a blood vessel connecting pulmonary artery to the proximal descending aorta in the developing foetus fails to close after birth. As a result, a portion of oxygenated blood from the left heart flows back to the lungs causing pulmonary hypertension, right-sided heart failure, loss of weight gain, heavy breathing etc in the child.

Major Aortopulmonary Collateral Occlusion is an ailment under which the bronchial arteries that supply blood to the lungs are underdeveloped. These arteries can eventually become stenotic and narrowed and if not attended immediately, can lead to congestive heart failure.

Coil closure of PDA/MAPCAs is done to close the opening between the aorta and pulmonary artery in a child. During the procedure a catheter will be inserted through the groin, neck or arm under the general anaesthesia. The expert paediatric cardiac surgeon then would use 1 or more coils to close the Patent Ductus Arteriosus or (PDA). The catheter gets removed after completing the procedure.

In case of MAPCAs, the similar procedure is followed but it is aimed at grouping the collateral arteries and converting the supply of deoxygenated blood from right side of the heart.

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