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If there is one metabolic disorder that is affecting millions of people across the globe, irrespective of the country, race and ethnicity – that would be Morbid Obesity. Being a little plump and chubby while young can earn a child loads of compliments and is often touted as a ‘cuteness overload’ but as one ages if the body fails to shed those extra kilos, – it is unfortunately a disaster in waiting.

Obesity or being overweight in proportion to your height, gender can lead to a cluster of comorbidities including Hypertension (BP), Diabetes Mellitus (elevated blood sugars), hyperlipidaemia (accumulation of unhealthy fats), fatty liver, sleep apnoea, PCOD/infertility, knee and backpain besides compromising the function of vital organs including the heart, liver and kidneys. Obese people are highly prone to cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, cancer and various other chronic conditions that can severely affect their quality of life.

People battling obesity also unfortunately combat a wide range of psychological issues like depression, extreme mood swings, suicidal tendencies, indifference to meeting people and making friends etc, often owing to their physical appearance.

So, the question that would arise in the minds of overweight people or their family members, friends hoping to help them is – what to do? No doubt, healthy lifestyle changes, workouts, strict diet, nutritional intake can lead to a certain amount of weight loss but may not fetch you desired results at a faster pace.

The primary reasons behind the accumulation of stubborn fat deposits in the body need to be dealt in far more medically advanced methods, handled by a battery of expert bariatric surgeons, nutritionists and other support staff.

The Department of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery at Dr Rela Institute & Medical Centre in the heart of Chennai, Tamil Nadu offers advanced bariatric procedures that would aid the patient in not only losing weight but also reverse various comorbid conditions.

According to a study conducted by A National Institute of Health Symposium on Swedish Obesity patients revealed that an accurately performed bariatric procedure decreases the mortality rate by 29%, remission of type-2 diabetes by 36% for a period of 10 years. (Source: Wikipedia)

Read on, to learn more about the procedures, techniques, facilities, infrastructure and services provided at the department and also the detailed answers for the most frequently asked questions.

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