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Vision, Mission & Values


Transforming Healthcare With Compassion And Innovation


Dr. Rela Institute aims to bring International standards to compassionate healthcare. We envision a patient-centric system dedicated to transforming lives through excellent clinical quality, which is accessible with unmatched physician and employee commitment.


  • To cure disease and preserve health by providing comprehensive, ethical and affordable healthcare, delivered with kindness.
  • To bring to the patient highly qualified medical professionals who are pioneers in their respective fields in our quaternary care institute.
  • To provide primary, secondary & tertiary care to all sections of the society and international patients.
  • To create a supportive team by helping drive innovation and focusing on positive outcomes
  • To foster growth through academics and research.


RESPONSIBILITY: The promise to treat, prevent and cure within the realms of ethical medicine.

RELIABILITY: Honesty, fairness in everything we do.

RELATIONSHIPS: Reaching out to the community and serving their needs.

RESPECT: Preserving the patients’ dignity and rights to privacy, confidentiality and information.

RESEARCH: Pushing the boundaries in the practice of medicine and promoting innovation.


EXCELLENCE: Providing the best care in the right place at the right time.

EFFICACY: Building a smarter and faster organization.

EMPATHY: Being sensitive to the needs of patients and families.

ETHICS: Adhering to the highest moral standards and principles.


LEARNING: Dedicated to widening the horizons of knowledge

LEVERAGE: Accelerating knowledge transfer from the laboratory to the bedside.

LISTENING: Heeding the voice of our patients and valuing their feedback.


ACCESSIBILITY: Close to the heart of the city and to national and international transportation hubs, we are always near our patients.

ADVANCEMENT: Setting ambitious goals and achieving them.

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