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The Institute of Reproductive Medicine is a joint initiative between Dr Rela Institute & Medical Centre and GBR Fertility Centre & Hospitals. The institute is committed to enabling the millions of infertile women across the globe to “Experience the Joy of Motherhood”.

The institute houses one of the finest IVF labs in the country, which is designed as per the global standards and specifications and is equipped with the most advanced state of the art equipment’s in a complete clean room environment. This state-of-the-art infrastructure is well supported with the strength of the finest and most experienced clinical, technical and non-technical staff who shall ensure that every intended parent stepping in to the institute always gets the finest fertility care. We also stride to embrace the best practices, clinical advancements and the newer technologies as we progress to bring the best of the fertility care at all times.

At Dr Rela Institute, we are committed to provide the best medical care both pre and post treatment. We further, understand that fertility treatment is a time-consuming process and more often does leads to a lot of emotional drain in the intended parents. So, the whole atmosphere at the institute has been created with an aim to provide a feeling for the couple that they are involved in every aspect of the treatment and our team would walk along with the couples by their side in every step they take, ensuring a most pleasurable journey towards attaining parenthood.

For those intended parents from other parts of the country and the rest of the world who wish to seek our services, we fully understand the difficulties of pursuing medical treatment abroad. That is why Dr Rela Institute itself is designated as an International Medical Facility, so we have the entire support structure in place to minimize your concerns and the anxiety about the treatment in a place away from your home town. Please be reassured that you are in safe hands and the experience you would encounter at Dr Rela institute shall make you feel that you had the best of the treatment given to you at your home!

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