Dr. Vikash Mahajan| Surgical Oncology Consultant in Chennai | Dr. Rela Institute, India

Dr. Vikash Mahajan

MBBS, M.S General Surgery, M.Ch Surgical Oncology

Visiting Consultant- Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology


Educational Qualifications

  • MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College from 1984 – 90 New Delhi.
  • Completed M.S General Surgery from Maulana Azad Medical College & Associated Lok Nayak Jay Prakash Narayan Hospital & G.B Pant Hospitals New Delhi from 1990 – 93.
  • Completed M.Ch Surgical Oncology from Cancer Institute (W.I.A) Chennai from 1994 – 96.


  • From Oct 2006 till date as Director, Madras Cancer Care Foundation and Consultant Surgical Oncologist at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and Kumaran Hospital, Chennai.
  • Worked as an Assistant Professor, Reader and then as an Associate Professor and then as Professor and Head Gastro Intestinal and Thoracic Oncology from 2002 until Oct 2006 in the Department of Surgical Oncology Cancer Institute (W.I.A) Adyar Chennai, India.
  • Worked as a Surgical Registrar from November 1993 to February 1994 at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology at Bangalore, India.

Research & Publication

  • Co-authored a paper on Infection control in Health Care Settings in Journal of Indian Medical Association Special Issue on AIDS- November/ December 93. Volume 91, No: 12, 335-337.
  • Co-authored a paper Thyroid Surgery in an Endemic Area published in Asian Journal of Surgery April 94, Volume 17, and No2 108-112.
  • Co-authored paper on Pelvic Exenteration a Perspective from a Regional Cancer Centre in India in Indian Journal of Cancer July – September 2004, Volume 41, Issue 3. 109-114.
  • Co-authored a paper on Management of Chyle Fistula following Surgery in the Neck in Indian Journal of Cancer Volume 38, June – December 2001). 117-120.
  • Co-authored a paper on Abdominal Trauma in Proceedings of a Seminar on Trauma Management in General Practice organised by Delhi Medical Association in August 1993.
  • Co-authored a chapter on Thyroid Cancer- Experience of Cancer Institute Madras in a Book on Thyroid Cancer-An Indian Perspective published in 1999, by Radiation Medicine Centre, 586 – 594.
  • Co-authored a paper on Tracheal Injury During Transhiatal Mobilisation of Oesophagus in Journal of Surgical Oncology June 1999 Volume 71, 186 – 188.
  • Co-authored a paper on Prognostic Factors in Node Positive Carcinoma Penis in Journal of Surgical Oncology 2006;93:133-138.
  • Co-authored a Case Report on Infantile Hemangio- endothelioma in Annals of National Academy of Medical Sciences in 2003 – in press.
  • Co-authored a paper on Preoperative Multi Modality Therapy for Optimising Clinical Benefit in Locally Advanced Carcinoma Rectum- accepted for poster presentation at GI symposium, ASCO, 25 – 28th January 2006, at San Francisco.
  • Co-authored a paper on Mutation analysis of hMSH2 and hMLH1 in Colo- rectal cancer patients in India in Genetic Testing 2004;8:157-162.
  • Co-authored a paper Organisation & Running of the First Comprehensive Hereditary Cancer Clinic in India in Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice 2005;3(4)pp.165-170.

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