Dr. Daspin

Dr. Daspin


Associate consultant

Radiology and Imaging Sciences


Brief Profile

7 years of post DMRD and 2 years of post DNB. Special interest in cross sectional body imaging , Musculosketal imaging ,Emergency and GI Radiology.

Clinical Expertise

  • Special interest in cross sectional body imaging , Musculosketal imaging ,Emergency and GI Radiology.
  • Special interest in fetal medicine and imaging.
  • Worked with 128,256 slice and dual source CT.
  • Experienced in 1.5 and 3 T MRI.
  • Committed to continous quality improvement in radiological service,teaching and clinical research.


  • Consultant Radiologist in Baptist Christian hospital, Tezpur, Assam (June 2012-May 2014)
  • Junior Tutor in Christian Medical College , Vellore (June 2014 - March 2016)
  • Consultant Radiologist at Aarthi Scans and Laboratories,Chennai(April 2018 till september 2019)
  • Trained in SONOSCAN under Dr.Boopathyvijayaraghavan (Fetal medicine 1month April 2019)

Research & Publication


  1. “Spectrum of abdominal wall hernias and role of CT in their management ’’ Indian Journal of Medical Case Reports ""ISSN: 2319–3832(Online) Vol.2 (2) April-June, pp.64-70/Singla et al.
  2. “Unusual Case of Pulmonary Mucormycosis Presenting with Paraplegia and Spinal Cord Infarction” in ‘Indian Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences/ Volume 5/ Issue 76/ September 22, 2016
  3. Myoepithelioma: A tale of uncommon benign spinal cord tumor presenting with spastic paraplegia in International Journal Of Medical Science and Clinical Inventions Volume3 issue 10 2016 page no. 2277-2280 e-ISSN: 2348-991Xp-ISSN: 2454-95764.
  4. Rare Case of Silicosiderosis Mimicking Sarcoidosis – A detailed Case Report. Daspin et al., J PulmRespir Med 2017, 7:3 Journal of Pulmonary & Respiratory Medicine
  5. Unusual case of Tumoralcalcinosis mimicking infective etiology – a detailed case report in International Journal Of Medical Science and Clinical Inventions’’2348-991xp-issn :2454-9576
  6. Unusual case of Angiosarcoma of liver presenting with pulmonary metastasis in a young girl – A detailed case Report –J. Evolution Med. Dent. Sci./eISSN- 2278-4802, pISSN- 2278-4748/ Vol. 6/ Issue 69/ Aug. 28, 2017.
  7. Mucocele of appendix –a case series with review of literature –Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences/Volume 8/OCT 2019.
  8. A Rare case of Emphysematous Osteomyelitis of spine presenting with air in the Inferior Venacave -Sch J Med Case Rep 2017; 5(9):587-590.

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